Cumbie Aviation Museum

The Glenn Cumbie Museum of Aviation and Military History is comprised of two rooms in the Corsicana Municipal Airport terminal, a hanger display area and a five-acre U.S.A.A.F. Cadet Memorial plaza.

On exhibit are military and aviation artifacts from all periods, including an extensive collection of uniforms. Decorative engine displays include Ranger and Kinner models.

The library collection consists of periodicals, manuals and everyday papers of the common soldier. Original artifacts from Corsicana Field, as well as a large collection of newspapers, are on display.

Corsicana Municipal Airport - C. David Campbell Field
9000 Navarro Rd. Corsicana, TX 75109

(903) 654-4847

Monday - Saturday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Glenn Cumbie

A pioneer in Texas aviation, Mr. Cumbie came to Corsicana to work as a mechanic at the Army Airfield during WW II. Having attained his pilots license, he remained at the airfield after it became a municipal airport and was its manager for more than forty years.

During that time, he operated numerous aviation enterprises and held leadership positions in such aviation fraternities as the Quiet Birdmen and the OX 5 Club.

His mechanical expertise and unassuming demeanor was known and respected throughout the aviation community. Mr. Cumbie spent his entire aviation career in Corsicana. His passing marked the end of an era in local aviation.

Vitis us today!

Our Mission!

To preserve the history of Corsicana Army Airfield and perpetuate the memory of those men and women that nobly served here and sacrificed for their country during those dark days of war.

Our goal is to construct a memorial at Corsicana Municipal Airport to pay tribute to these and all cadets, instructors and support personnel that helped to bring the ultimate victory...

C.F.A.H.F. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Contributions to the Memorial Fund are gratefully accepted.

Please contact us for more information.

C.F.A.H.F. 9000 Navarro Road Corsicana, TX 75109

History must be preserves!

The Memorial

"All that we are as Americans today is born of their sacrifice."

The U.S. A. A. F. Cadet Memorial consists of five acres of land with a central monument walkway. The walkway begins at the original gateway to the air field and incorporates pillars, sidewalks and pads that date back to the 1941 construction of the facility. Incorporated into the 400' walkway are three separate circular patios.The first patio holds a lifesize bronze statue of a cadet wearing a seatpack parachute.

This patio is dedicated to all A.A.F. cadets. The second patio has a flagpole in the center and is dedicated to all who worked at Air Activities of Texas. On the third patio is a triangular monument that is dedicated to those airmen that lost their lives in WWII. One side of the monument contains the names of the men killed in training at Corsicana. Three countries are represented here - USA, Mexico and Brazil. The flags of all three nations will fly over this monument. Another side of this monument will honor Maj. Thomas McGuire, a Medal of Honor recipient that trained at Corsicana Field. The third side of the monument honors all airmen from the United States that made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII.

This phase of the memorial construction has taken over ten years and much hard work to raise funds. The second phase will consist of acquisition of funding to construct a museum to preserve the artifacts and aircraft of the Glenn Cumbie Museum of the CFAHF. Included in this museum will be a library for research of aviation and military history.
Preservation of our heritage and remembrance of those that came before us is essential to a well informed society.

It is the goal of the CFAHF to insure that the history of these brave men and women remains accessible to all that are interested.

We honor the men and women who served their nation!